Caring Advice for Women Considering Abortion

woman getting pregnancy advice

A lot of circumstances can lead a woman to consider having an abortion, and it’s never an easy decision. In fact, it can be the most difficult decision of your entire life. Whether you’re worried that you’re too young, too unsupported or just unprepared to have a baby, your heart is likely conflicted, wishing for the quick escape of having an abortion, but unsure if you can live with the emotional and spiritual pain that’s sure to follow.

No one can make this decision for you, but we can offer some advice. And if any of the advice below moves you, or you want to talk with someone one-to-one about your options, we hope you’ll call our community-funded pregnancy center at 352-377-4947 to talk to one of our client advocates at no charge.

Considering abortion doesn’t make you a bad person

There’s no reason to be ashamed of yourself just because you’ve considered having an abortion. You are a precious, wonderful person, and a child of God, who’s facing a world of unknowns. That’s scary. So it’s only natural that you might first look for “the easy way out,” the option you hope will come with the least judgment and the fewest lifelong consequences. But how often in life is “the easy way out” also the right path forward? You’re struggling with this decision because you’re a good person and you want to make the best choice for you and your baby.

Abortion isn’t your only option

Your life circumstances may not be easy. In fact, they may be extremely challenging, but no matter what, abortion isn’t your only pregnancy option. Whether you’re a teen living at home, a single mom struggling to make ends meet or a college student with your whole future in front of you, you have alternatives. Learning about the resources available to support you and your baby may actually help you realize you’re more mom-ready than you think. Alternatively, adoption is another beautiful way to give your child the opportunity to grow up in a loving home. You may not know much about how adoption works, but don’t let that stop you from considering it. We can help walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Find someone to talk to

This burden is too much to carry alone, and you don’t have to. It’s important to have someone to talk to, to share your fears and feelings with and to help you see clearly the options that are available to you. Sometimes, this can be a friend, a family member or the baby’s father. Other times, it’s helpful to get guidance from someone outside your circle. A trained pregnancy options counselor can often be an amazing source of support, advice and encouragement. Their first job is to listen, to be someone with whom you can share your concerns, hopes and uncertainties. Their second job is to provide you with the answers you need to select the pregnancy option that’s right for you, and to connect you with the resources you need to support a healthy pregnancy.

The choice you make at this crossroad is one you will remember for the rest of your life. If you’re uncertain which way to turn, contact Sira in Gainesville today at 352-377-4947 to schedule your free pregnancy counseling session.

At Sira, we’re here to provide you help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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