Finding Help with Your Unexpected Pregnancy

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While many women agree that pregnancy is among the most amazing and rewarding times in life, it’s not easy. Pregnancy can be both physically draining and emotionally taxing. And, if your pregnancy is unplanned, there are added layers of complexity and challenges. You can do it though, and knowing where to turn for help makes the road a whole lot easier.

Not every option is right for every woman, but we all need to talk to someone. Here are a few options to consider…

Talk to Your Parents

You may be surprised just how understanding and supportive your parents can be when you talk to them about an unplanned pregnancy. Go into the conversation with your thoughts organized and certain you are indeed pregnant. Think through the pros and cons of your options and present your plan. Your parents will certainly have questions, and may not immediately agree with your plan. Be prepared to provide thoughtful answers and seriously consider their advice.

Discuss with the Baby’s Father

Being in a committed, loving relationship with the baby’s father makes this much easier. If that’s not the case for you, you should still make the father aware of the pregnancy, unless you feel that doing so could put you or your baby in an unsafe position. Again, you should confirm you’re pregnant before initiating the conversation. From there, just be calm, honest and straightforward. He will almost certainly have opinions about the best path for you to take. Hopefully, he will choose to stand by you and start a family, but ultimately your baby’s future is in your hands.

Reach Out to Friends

A trusted friend or two can be absolutely invaluable during this time. In some instances, it can be easier to share your hopes, fears and needs with a friend than with anyone else. When it comes to talking with a friend about your unplanned pregnancy, the right friend is a great listener. They should allow you to talk without judgment, and be willing to offer opinions when asked for. You may have a lot of competing ideas and priorities in your mind, and a good friend can help you sort through them.

Contact Sira

It often helps to talk with someone compassionate enough to care and offer guidance, but removed enough from the situation to not carry their personal history with you into the conversation. At Sira, our peer counselors have been where you are, and have talked to hundreds of young women facing similar doubts, fears and questions. They will talk with you one-to-one about your pregnancy options, answer any questions you have, and can even connect you with community resources.

To talk with one of Sira’s peer counselors, or to confirm your suspected pregnancy with a free medical pregnancy test, call us today at 352-377-4947.

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