Pre-Abortion Counseling

When you’re pregnant, scared and feel alone, abortion may seem like the quickest solution to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Many women, however, find themselves at a moral crossroads, conflicted between their desire to escape this unplanned reality and their heart’s belief that abortion is wrong.

If you are experiencing this, you may find hope by talking with one of Sira’s trained pregnancy options counselors.

During a pregnancy options consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with one of our caring client advocates about what abortion, adoption or parenting might look like for you.

This service is free to all of our clients and all information is kept strictly confidential.

young woman talking with counselor

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common concerns for other women dealing with unplanned pregnancies?
Women often experience a flood of worries, questions and conflicting emotions when coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy. A recent study revealed these to be the four most common concerns. Read more.

How does newborn adoption work for birth mothers in Florida?
Together with your adoption counselor, you will create an adoption plan and select the perfect adoptive family. During your pregnancy, and for up to six weeks after, a birth mother may receive financial support, in keeping with Florida adoption laws. Read more.

Can I really be ready to be a mom?
It’s natural to ask yourself, “Am I ready to be a mom?” While no one can definitively answer that for you, we have three reasons that may give you hope that you can indeed be a great mother to your baby. Read more.

How can I deal with an unplanned pregnancy while I’m in college?
Each year, thousands of young women complete college while raising children. The key is surrounding yourself with the right people and resources. These five tips can help. Read more.

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young woman receiving pregnancy options counseling

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