Free Medical Pregnancy Testing

If you think you may be pregnant, a medical pregnancy test is the only way to know for sure. At Sira in Gainesville, we offer free medical pregnancy testing to any woman in our community, with no insurance required.

During your free medical pregnancy test, you will submit a urine sample. Our healthcare professionals will analyze the sample, and if your test result is positive for the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG, we can schedule an appointment for a free limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

Testing is provided free of charge and your results are 100% confidential.

nurse revealing pregnancy test results to young woman

Frequently Asked Questions

How early can you get an accurate pregnancy test result?
A good rule of thumb is to test seven days after your missed period. If you are indeed pregnant, your body has likely had enough time to build up a detectable level of hCG. Read more.

Can a home pregnancy test be wrong?
A variety of factors can contribute to inaccurate home pregnancy test results – positive and negative. It’s always important to follow up with a medical pregnancy test. Read more.

What happens if I find out I really am pregnant?
One of our trained client advocates will gladly help you explore your pregnancy options. If needed, they can also connect you with healthcare, transportation, housing and more. Read more.

Why is Sira’s pregnancy testing free?
Sira is a community-supported non-profit. We offer our services at no cost to clients thanks to generous donations from local organizations, businesses and individuals. Read more.

How can I get my free pregnancy testing from Sira?
You can call us at 352-377-4947 or contact us online any time to schedule your testing appointment. Our office hours are 9am-4:30pm, Monday-Thursday. If you reach out during non-office hours, we will reply to your message the next business day.

woman and man holding hands over pregnant belly

performing pregnancy confirmation ultrasound

young woman receiving pregnancy options counseling

woman receiving sti test results