Sira: A Community-Funded Pregnancy and Health Center

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When pregnant women need services and support, particularly when the pregnancy was unplanned, they often turn to a community-funded pregnancy and health center like Sira in Gainesville. If you’ve never experienced what we offer firsthand, let us introduce you to what we do and why.

Why We Exist

At Sira, our primary mission is to provide a safe space for women to explore their pregnancy options and gain access to the services they need for a safe and healthy pregnancy. We believe that knowledge and caring can inspire strength and hope. And that, even in challenging circumstances, a child deserves the opportunity to be delivered into the world and given the chance to live, grow and be loved.

What We Provide

At Sira, we offer a variety of services, primarily for pregnant women in need of support, but also for the health and wellness of all women, and, in some instances, men. Services are delivered confidentially to protect our clients’ privacy and always free of charge.

Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasounds

The most important first step in any pregnancy is confirming you are indeed pregnant. Home pregnancy tests aren’t accurate enough to fully trust. The only way to know for sure is with a medical pregnancy test and pregnancy confirmation ultrasound, both of which we offer at Sira.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Often, women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy aren’t sure what steps to take next. They may have questions about the realities of abortion, adoption and parenting. Or they may just need an unbiased person with whom to share their hopes and concerns. At Sira, our client advocates and pregnancy counselors listen compassionately to these women and offer information and guidance to help them make this life-defining decision. 

Community Referrals

The need for pregnancy support rarely ends with testing or pregnancy options counseling. Once a woman decides how to proceed, she may need prenatal healthcare, ongoing emotional support, lifestyle improvements, a safe place to live or any number of other services in order to have a successful pregnancy. At Sira, we connect our clients with a network of community partners and government agencies who can help make this happen.

Other Health Services

At Sira, our services aren’t limited to pregnancy. We also offer testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea – two of the most common forms of sexually transmitted infections, after-abortion and sexual healing programs, and referrals for free women’s wellness exams

How We’re Funded

At Sira, we do not charge clients a single cent for any of our services, and no health insurance is required. Instead, we are funded through gifts from individuals, organizations and other non-profit agencies. Some financially support us through fundraisers. Others make one-time or recurring financial donations. Still others contribute goods or services in support of our mission. These generous benefactors believe not only in Sira, but in the people we gratefully serve. 

At Sira, we believe the greatest gift you can give someone is hope. The kind of hope that empowers another person to press on rather than give up. The kind of hope that comes from having someone believe in you and stand by your side. We believe that with that kind of hope, anything is truly possible.If you or someone you love would benefit from our services, or if you would like to support us through donations or volunteering, contact Sira in Gainesville today at 352-377-4947.

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