Sira Now Offers Referrals for Free Well Woman Exams


The benefits of preventative healthcare cannot be overstated, especially for women. Still, too few women take advantage, instead putting off seeing a doctor until something goes wrong. For some, cost is a roadblock. For others, it’s not knowing where to go to for services. Sira can now help you overcome those hurdles through our referrals for free well woman exams.

A well woman exam is a preventative healthcare service provided by a medical professional. It is generally recommended that any woman 18 years old or older have a well woman exam once a year. These annual exams are designed to help women identify potential health problems before they are beyond control.

A typical well woman exam may include a general health assessment (taking vital signs, listening to heart and lungs, touching the abdomen, etc.), breast exam, pap smear and pelvic exam, sexually transmitted disease testing (if necessary) and discussion of lifestyle health factors or any other specific patient health concerns.

The culmination of all these exams is a relatively good picture of a woman’s overall health. The results allow the healthcare provider to recommend any treatments or behavioral changes that may benefit the patient. Making informed, proactive choices is the key to a lifetime of good health.

Clients who come to Sira can get a referral for a free women’s wellness exam from a local healthcare provider. The only requirements are that the client is 18 or older (must show a valid state-issued photo ID card) and not covered by an insurance policy or Medicaid.

When you visit us at Sira, we will provide more details about the program and tell you exactly what to expect during your exam. We will then complete the referral form, and if you like, even help schedule the appointment for you.

While similar services may be offered through some local free clinics, Sira and our local medical partner offer friendly, professional services in atmospheres that reflect our commitment to delivering the finest client care. You will always feel welcome here.

To get your referral for a free well woman preventative care exam, contact Sira in Gainesville today at 352-377-4947.

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