Unplanned Pregnancy: What Should I Do Now?

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Once you realize you’re probably pregnant, when you didn’t intend to be, the first several minutes and hours can be agonizing. There can be crying, pacing, anger, panic, and a lot of Google searches. Perhaps one of those searches brought you here. If so, don’t worry, you found the right place for some valuable advice on what to do next.

Confirm the Pregnancy

The first thing to do is to confirm the pregnancy. Maybe you really are pregnant, but just maybe you’re not. Even if you got a positive result from a home pregnancy test, that result could be inaccurate. The only way to know for certain if you’re pregnant is by getting a medical pregnancy test followed by a pregnancy confirmation ultrasound. You can get both for free at Sira in Gainesville.

Consider Your Options

If you are indeed pregnant, don’t react abruptly and make a decision you might regret. Take your time to learn about and consider all the pregnancy options available to you. Could adoption be a viable path for you and your baby? Or could you in fact be more mom-ready than you think? Truly understanding all the pros and cons of your pregnancy options requires insight from a trained and experienced pregnancy options counselor. And while that may sound costly, you can actually get free pregnancy options counseling at Sira in Gainesville. 

Make a Plan

Once you decide on the pregnancy option that’s right for you and your baby, you’ll want to create a pregnancy plan. Think through the logistics of how you’ll get proper prenatal care, how to tell others your pregnancy news and how you’ll accommodate work or school. These are just a few areas where a Sira client advocate can help to answer questions and provide assistance. And always remember, unplanned does not mean unwanted.

Get Help

At Sira in Gainesville, we’ve helped hundreds of women just like you get the financial, emotional and services support they need for healthy pregnancies and successful lives after their babies are born. We have a network of community partners and government agencies eager to ensure you and your baby have both the help you need for today and the hope you need for tomorrow.

Contact Sira in Gainesville today at 352-377-4947 to schedule your free appointment.

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