What is Sira?


We’re glad you asked, because Sira isn’t a word most people are familiar with. We chose it because of its uniqueness and its meaning to us.

The idea of Sira came about from the belief that hope is passed from one person to another. That, as one person has been given hope, they are charged with passing it on along to others when their lives overlap.

When you see our logo, you see the waves. One represents our staff, volunteers and donors. The other wave represents our clients who make the brave decision to come to us for help. And in the icon, you also see the area where those waves overlap. This is the space where our lives touch and hope is able to flow from one person to another. This is where we are able to pass the hope we’ve been given to those who need it.

At Sira, we’ve each experienced those times in our lives; times when we’ve let the circumstances of life rob us of hope. Through those times, we’ve also discovered that no matter how hard or how painful life seems, hope is still there waiting for us to choose it.

Because we’ve experienced this in our own lives, we are compelled to share this hope with others.

Each day, we have the opportunity to meet with some of our confused, hurting neighbors who make the brave decision to come to Sira for help. We invite them to come in, to share their story, a story they often feel they can’t share with anyone else and we listen.  Many are facing an unexpected pregnancy or a struggle with a past pregnancy decision. Sometimes, they are an expecting mom or dad who is feeling overwhelmed and underprepared at the thought of being a parent or being a parent again. Whatever their story, we welcome them all with open arms.

For anyone who comes through our doors, our promise is simple. We’ll be a safe place: a place where someone will sit and listen; a place to ask questions and get honest answers; a place where one can pause and explore all options; a place where one can find help for today and hope for tomorrow.