Why are Sira’s Pregnancy Tests Free?


At Sira we’re happy to provide all of our services, including our pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, at no cost to you. Really. We know, you see the word “free” and you’re a little leery. We get it. We’ve all been taught that nothing worthwhile is free. That if it’s free, it’s low quality or there are strings attached. At Sira, that’s not the case, and here’s why.

How does Sira provide free pregnancy tests?

Our community cares

And when we say we care—we mean hundreds people in Gainesville. People in our community care about women and men so much that they help fund Sira’s services and programs. Our community trusts that we are providing accurate information and practical help to those seeking our services. So the community supports us financially and this helps underwrite our programs and services such as pregnancy tests. We want you to know that the caring folks in our community care about your emotional well-being and health. They make it possible for you to come to us when you need to confirm an unexpected pregnancy.

We have amazing partnerships with local businesses and churches

We’re thankful for the many organizations in the Gainesville area who support Sira through volunteering, providing supplies, underwriting our programs or paying for our marketing materials. Often, local business offer Sira discounts for their services and sometimes they give financial or physical gifts. It isn’t just individuals who support Sira, but it is also long-standing, familiar organizations that you encounter everyday.

Because of the generous support of so many people, we are able to offer our services at no cost to clients. These “free” services are provided in a caring, compassionate, professional environment. Our staff and facilities are not what most people expect when they come in for “free’ services. Why? Because we care, and we believe you deserve the best service and information when you come to us facing one of the biggest decisions of your life.

We hope this helps answer your questions and concerns about how we can offer free pregnancy tests and other services and we want you to know that if you ever need our help, we’re here for you because of the generous support of our community.

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