Helping a Friend with an Unplanned Pregnancy


Few young women today make it through college – or even high school – without at least one friend dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. It’s the reality we live in. Perhaps it’s your reality right now, and that’s what led you to this article. If that is the case, try these tips to support and show love to your pregnant friend. Your kindness could shape the rest of her life.

Listen to her.

Too few young pregnant women have someone to truly listen to them. Your pregnant friend likely has lots of complicated, competing thoughts running through her head. Sometimes it helps to just say them all out loud. Listen without judging, and only speak when necessary. Gently holding her hand or rubbing her shoulder are great unspoken signs of support.

Comfort her.

Unplanned pregnancies usually come with concerns for the present and fears for the future. Your friend may be scared to tell her parents, frightened about the reaction from her boyfriend and terrified about how the pregnancy will affect her school, job or future plans. All this stress is likely to produce a lot of tears. Be a shoulder to cry on – literally and figuratively.

Guide her.

As your pregnant friend is deciding what is best for her and her baby, she will likely have a million questions. Odds are, you won’t have all the answers. That’s okay, you shouldn’t be expected to. What you can do is to guide her to a pregnancy counselor who can help her consider all of her pregnancy options. In Gainesville, Sira offers this service at no charge, regardless of insurance or income.

Stand by her.

Once your friend chooses the best path for her and her baby, she’ll need your continued support, especially if the baby’s father is not in the picture. Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster. Tell her she’s beautiful. Make her laugh. Sympathize in her moments of doubt. She may also need help accessing the pregnancy resources available to her – doctor visits, community programs, etc. Go with her whenever possible. After all, appointments are always more fun with a friend.

If you add up all the items above, it really comes down to just one thing…continue being a true friend. Your pregnant friend needs you now more than ever, and she will always remember those who loved and supported her during this critical time.

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