Free Pregnancy Options Counseling

An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, someone who will listen. At Sira, we know every pregnancy is unique, whether planned or unplanned. We are here to help you understand all your pregnancy options, so you are equipped to make the best decision for you.

During a pregnancy options consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with one of our caring client advocates about what abortion, adoption or parenting might look like for you.

This service is free to all of our clients and all information is kept strictly confidential.

woman with pregnancy counselor


Some women feel abortion is their only option when they encounter an unplanned pregnancy. They may not feel ready for motherhood. The father may be pressuring them. There may be fear of telling a boyfriend or family members. If this is you, you’re not alone. Many people on our staff have been where you are.

Your client advocate will talk with you about available types of abortion, your rights with an abortion provider and short-term and long-term risks. As with any medical procedure, you should ask questions and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Many women are hesitant to consider adoption when facing an unexpected pregnancy. Weighing all options, however, empowers you to make a more informed choice about what is best for you.

Adoption enables you to make choices. By selecting either a closed, semi-open or open adoption, you determine if and how much involvement you will have in the child’s life. You can also choose the family you would like to have your child. And, with adoption, you can change your mind during the process. That isn’t possible with an abortion.

We will talk through the pros and cons or adoption, listen to your concerns and hopes and answer any questions you have.


Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, many women feel unprepared to be moms. You probably have more questions than answers about parenting and may even feel like being a parent will be nearly impossible right now.

You are not alone. We’ve talked to hundreds of clients facing similar doubts, fears and questions. Maybe the father doesn’t want you to keep the baby. Maybe you’re a guy and your girlfriend doesn’t want to be a parent yet. Maybe you’re scared to tell your parents and worried about school or work. Or maybe, all you can think about is the expense of having a child. Or where you will live. All of these are important questions to consider. All are potential obstacles that, if you decide to parent, can be overcome.

Sira’s advocates are here to help you, to confirm your pregnancy, discuss all your options, consider all the questions you have and to let you discover what the right answers are for you.

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performing pregnancy confirmation ultrasound

young woman receiving pregnancy options counseling

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