8 Ways Fathers Can Support their Pregnant Partners

man kisses pregnant partner's belly

Fathers often feel sidelined through the course of a partner’s pregnancy. You may find your partner has a hard time communicating her needs during this confusing, emotional and extraordinary phase of life, leaving you to question your role.

These tips may help you identify ways you can contribute to your partner’s – and baby’s – happiness and well-being during pregnancy.

1. Read and Learn

If this is your first baby (or even if it’s your second or third), it’s a good idea to read up on everything from pregnancy symptoms to what to expect during delivery to how to care for an infant. Your partner will appreciate this demonstration of mental and emotional investment.

2. Be Present

Your physical presence throughout the pregnancy is critical, contributing to a sense of physical and spiritual security. You will also be an important sounding board as your partner considers and shares her hopes and concerns.

3. Pitch In Gladly

Your partner’s pregnancy comes with physical limitations. Her muscles and joints are under a lot of strain, and she’s likely missing out on some sleep. Taking responsibility for more household chores can relieve some physical burdens and allow her to get more rest.

4. Be Understanding

Pregnancy is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. It may lead your partner to do or say things she would not normally. Understand that hormones and anxieties may be on the rise, and don’t return fire with fire. Listen patiently and compassionately.

5. Give Compliments

As her pregnancy progresses, and her body changes, your partner may not always feel great about herself. A few kind words can go a long way. Let her know you still find her beautiful and wonderful.

6. Take Her Out on a Date

Pregnancy can sometimes make every decision and action about the baby. Date nights are important opportunities to care for your relationship as a couple. Do something fun, but be sure to plan around any physical or dietary limitations.

7. Make Healthy Choices

Hopefully, your partner is making a series of healthy diet and lifestyle choices to give your baby a great start in life. She’ll find it easier to maintain those choices if you do the same. Quitting smoking, limiting or eliminating alcohol, getting exercise and eating right will certainly be appreciated.

8. Be a Great Birth Partner

As evidenced (and often exaggerated) in movies and TV shows, the birthing process can be painful and stressful. Your partner will need your help leading up to and throughout the birthing process. Be prepared, be supportive and be by her side.

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