Finding Peace, Hope and Joy in Your Unplanned Pregnancy

joyful young mother holding her newborn baby

It likely started as a nagging feeling in the back of your mind. Soon, it was all you could think about. “It’s been too long. I’m late.” Two do-it-yourself pregnancy tests and a medical pregnancy test later, and there’s no denying – you’re pregnant. If your pregnancy was unplanned, panic, fear and denial are common, but with the right perspective and support, it’s possible to find peace, hope and joy.

Nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended, affecting women in various stages of life. Some are in committed long-term relationships; others may barely know the father of their child. Regardless, they all face tough decisions, and can benefit from the support of loved ones in the days, weeks and months that follow.

The emotional weight of an unplanned pregnancy can be too much to handle alone. Confide in the people who love you most, likely a boyfriend, spouse, parent or friend. Share both your concerns and your hopes. Be open to offers for assistance, and take their advice into consideration, but remember, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make.

It’s often a good idea to also seek advice from outside sources, particularly if you’re unsure how to proceed with your pregnancy. Pregnancy options counseling can help you explore all of the avenues available to you. At Sira in Gainesville, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with one of our caring client advocates about what abortion, adoption or parenting might look like for you.

Sira’s trained peer counselors have been in circumstances similar to yours, so they know how challenging this emotional, life-changing time can be. They offer a judgment-free space to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, and can even match you with a variety of health, lifestyle and support resources. Sira’s pregnancy options counseling services are available at no charge.

While an unplanned pregnancy may seem overwhelming at first, surrounding yourself with caring, compassionate people provides a path to peace, hope and joy…for you and your baby.

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