What to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant


The moments, hours, days and weeks after learning you’re pregnant can be incredibly stressful – especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. You may be terrified, wondering where to turn next. While the decisions you make in coming days will dramatically impact the rest of your life, you don’t have to go it alone. Follow these steps in order to make informed choices moving forward.

Confirm You are Pregnant

Today’s store-bought pregnancy tests are fairly accurate, but can be wrong from time to time. You should find a caring pregnancy center to medically confirm the results. They will test a urine sample to determine whether or not you are indeed pregnant. A follow-up limited ultrasound may be helpful for confirming the urine test results.

Consider Your Options

Don’t make a rash decision. Take time to think through how this pregnancy will affect you and those closest to you – not to mention the baby herself. Acting on your first reaction could lead to regrets down the road. Search your heart, and be generous in evaluating your current position, to determine the best path for the baby growing inside you.

Talk to Friends and Family

Whether or not the father is in the picture, you likely have friends and family who could help you raise this child. It’s a good idea to talk with those dear to you before making any decisions about your baby’s future. You may be surprised how supportive people will be. The joy of a new life often brings families closer together.

Get Prenatal Care

Once you decide to nurture your pregnancy and bring your baby into this world, you owe it to her and yourself to get adequate prenatal (prior to birth) care. You don’t have to have fancy, high-price health insurance to afford prenatal care. Medicaid may be all you need to receive services from a caring doctor. Prenatal care is essential for giving birth to a healthy baby.

Love that Baby

As she grows inside you, your baby is exposed to everything you do. Healthy eating, healthy habits and healthy environments lead to healthy babies. Show your love from day one by avoiding alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Those are poison to a growing baby, and everything you take in, she takes in. A single cigarette or alcoholic drink early in your baby’s development may damage your child before she’s even born.

Pregnancy is a scary time for many women. The key is finding the right resources to support you along the way. Sira Gainesville provides pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds at no charge, so you’ll know for certain whether you’re pregnant. We can also put you in touch with essential services for you and your baby.

Contact us today to schedule a free appointment and give your baby the best chance at a beautiful start to life.

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