Deciding Whether to Keep Your Baby? 4 Thoughts to Consider First

woman considering tough choice

An unplanned pregnancy can make it feel like your world’s been turned upside down. Panic, uncertainty and desperation set in, and before you know it, you start thinking of abortion as the easiest way to escape this emotional turmoil. Sadly, many women who make that decision end up regretting it for years to come. So, before you decide whether to keep your baby, it’s important to consider the following…

1. There may be options you haven’t fully thought about.

While abortion may seem like the quickest way out of this unplanned situation, if you explore your other options, you’ll likely find there are better solutions for you and your baby. Adoption, for one, can be a beautiful way to allow your child to be brought into this world and raised by a loving family in a safe, caring environment. Of course, when possible, raising your child yourself is the ideal option. While you may not feel equipped to do so in the moment, you may find that with the right financial, social and emotional support, you would make a truly amazing mother. Exploring these options with a pregnancy counselor may open your eyes to new possibilities.

2. Your family may be more supportive than you expect.

Women, especially young women, are often convinced their families will be disappointed or even mad at them for getting pregnant. It’s true that the news can come as a shock, but usually that shock gives way pretty quickly to optimism about the new life that’s being introduced into the family. Soon after telling your parents or other loved ones you’re pregnant, you’ll likely find they’re actually in your corner, willing to do whatever is necessary to support you and your baby. 

3. This pregnancy may actually be a blessing.

The essence of our journey in this world is to love and be loved, and no other experience in life opens our hearts to this quite like parenting a child. After all, what more loving gift could anyone give than life itself? And that love is not a one-way street. The love you get in return can drive you to be your best self. It can help you to overcome. It can inspire you to achieve your dreams. In so many ways, the love between you and your child can prove to be a true blessing.

4. There are people available to help you and your baby.

You don’t have to be alone as you make this decision, or as you work towards the pregnancy option you eventually choose. In addition to family and friends, there are community members and organizations available to help you get the support and resources you need. At Sira in Gainesville, our trained pregnancy counselors are here to help you think through all of your pregnancy options, and then connect you with community resources to empower you along your path. They’re here to be your patient listener, your knowledgeable advisor and your trusted advocate.

If you’re deciding whether to keep your baby, contact Sira today at 352-377-4947 to schedule your free appointment with a pregnancy options counselor. There’s no charge for any of our services, there’s no insurance required and all of our services are 100% confidential. At Sira, we’re here to provide you help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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