Unplanned Pregnancy Options: Considering Adoption


Finding out you’re pregnant when you didn’t plan to be can be a very traumatic experience. Your feelings may quickly shift from disbelief to guilt to anger to fear, all before you start thinking rationally about your next steps. If you then decide you’re not in a position to raise your baby, adoption is a beautiful alternative to explore.

Benefits of Adoption

Adoption can be a blessing for everyone involved. As the mother, you get the peace of knowing your child is being raised by a capable, loving family. You also get to continue along the path you planned for yourself, without the added responsibilities and challenges of raising a baby.

Depending on the adoption path you take, you may be able to get housing assistance, counseling and support during your pregnancy. Prenatal and birth expenses are generally covered, as are any legal fees related to the adoption.

Most importantly, your baby gets to live and grow and experience life, supported by adoptive parents eager to open their hearts and home to a precious child.

Types of Adoptions

Newborn adoptions are generally defined as either “closed” or “open.” As the birthmother, you will be allowed to choose the style that feels right for you.

In a closed adoption, neither the birth parents nor the adoptive family are provided any identifying information about each other, and there is no contact before or after the birth. Once the adoption is finalized, the records are sealed, meaning the details are legally hidden. In some cases, the door is left open for the information to be made available to the child once he or she turns 18.

In an open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents agree on how much information will be shared and how much access to the child the birth parents will have. This may extend from as little as sending photos or letters to private visits and shared holidays. In some cases, birth parents and adoptive parents become lifelong friends, rooted in their shared love for the child.

Taking the First Steps

The first thing to do is to confirm you are indeed pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate, but not perfect. You should get a medical pregnancy test followed by an ultrasound to confirm the viability of the pregnancy. In Gainesville, Sira offers these services at no charge, so finances are never a concern.

Sira counselors will also talk with you about your pregnancy options, including the pros and cons of adoption, and local resources that can help you along the way. They will listen to your concerns and hopes and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule a pregnancy test, or talk to a counselor about your pregnancy options, contact Sira today.

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