Can an Unplanned Pregnancy be a Blessing?

young mother with her baby on a blanket in the park

While, for some, the immediate reaction is regret or concern, an unplanned pregnancy can actually be life’s greatest blessing. The opportunity to bring new life and new love into the world is at the same time humbling and exciting, once you view it in the right light.

Adjusting to the News

Often, the first few days coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy are the hardest. Your perception of self and your vision for the future may both suddenly feel in question.

First things first, get a medical pregnancy test to confirm you are indeed pregnant. There’s no need dealing with what-ifs when it’s easy – and free – to know for sure.

If you are indeed pregnant, it can help to get some perspective from those who truly love you. Talk with trusted friends and family. You may be surprised how supportive people will be. You may also find it useful to talk with an unbiased third-party, like a pregnancy counselor, who can help you explore your pregnancy options and figure out how to keep your life goals on track.

With that support, and belief in yourself, you’ll likely begin opening up to the idea that this pregnancy truly is a blessing.

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes, inspiration comes from hearing about others who walked a similar road. There are countless stories of women who overcame the initial shock of an unplanned pregnancy and went on to give birth to beautiful, healthy children…some of whom went on to be major influences in the world.

Vernita Lee is one such example. Venita was a poor, uneducated teenager when she became unexpectedly pregnant. While many in her situation may have considered abortion, Vernita opted to instead keep and raise her child. That child grew up to be the strong and dynamic woman known around the world as Oprah Winfrey.

Pattie Mallette turned to drinking, drugs and sex as a teen, in part to numb herself from years of childhood sexual abuse. Getting pregnant at 17, many around her encouraged her to get an abortion, but Pattie was compelled to keep her baby. Years later, she said, “I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I just knew that I couldn’t abort. I had to do my best, and I was determined to do whatever it took.” That baby boy grew up to be international superstar, Justin Bieber.

While the list of celebrities born from unplanned pregnancies is lengthy, the most important example took place 2,000 years before TMZ.

Mary was a poor teenager living in a small town in the Middle East. While she was engaged at the time got pregnant, she wasn’t yet married. And worse, her fiancé Joseph wasn’t the baby’s father. This put her at great risk for public shaming and punishment. Despite this, the couple kept the baby, who grew up to be a blessing to the whole world, Jesus Christ.

Embracing the Blessing

You are stronger and more capable than you know, and while things may seem uncertain now, you can write your own story and overcome obstacles to create the best future for you and your baby. And there are people eager to assist you with this blessing.

At Sira in Gainesville, we’ve helped hundreds of women find the support, guidance and resources they need in order to embrace the blessing of a new life. If you’re currently considering your unplanned pregnancy options, we would be honored to talk with you.

We offer free, confidential medical pregnancy testing and pregnancy counseling for all women in our community, with no insurance required. Our client advocates can also help to connect you with community resources, including medical care and financial support, to set you and your baby on the right path for a blessed tomorrow.

To talk with one of our client advocates, contact Sira today at 352-377-4947.

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