How to Find an Unplanned Pregnancy Clinic Near Me

young woman checking in for an appointment at Sira

If you’re looking for an unplanned pregnancy clinic in Gainesville, Florida, congratulations, you found the right place. At Sira, we specialize in helping pregnant women explore your pregnancy options and get the medical services, counseling and resources you need.

Where to Find Us

Sira’s office, located at 912 NW 13th Street in Gainesville, is a warm, comforting place. Our environment is welcoming and peaceful, offering you a secure space to meet with our staff and benefit from our free services. Appointments are available Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-4:30pm. To schedule your free appointment, call us at 352-377-4947 or send us a message through our contact page.

Free Services

Sira is a community-supported non-profit, so all of our services are provided 100% free, with no insurance required, thanks to generous donations from local organizations, businesses and individuals. We’re here to provide the best care and guidance for your unplanned pregnancy. Take advantage of some of our services or all of them, it’s up to you.

Free Medical Pregnancy Testing

A medical pregnancy test is a urine test for the pregnancy hormone hCG, much like a standard home pregnancy test, but more accurate. We administer the medical pregnancy test free of charge, and if your test result indicates you are indeed pregnant, we follow up with a free pregnancy confirmation ultrasound. The ultrasound allows our trained healthcare providers to locate the developing baby, determine if there is a heartbeat and estimate your due date.

Free Pregnancy Options Counseling

When dealing with the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, many women benefit from the advice, guidance and compassionate ear of a pregnancy counselor. Sira’s specially trained counselors are here to listen to your hopes and concerns and then work with you to explore your pregnancy options. You can talk with your counselor about anything from weighing the pros and cons of adoption, abortion or raising your baby, to how and when to share the news with the people in your life. Our counselors provide a judgment-free zone where you can share whatever’s on your mind and figure out the best path for your future.

Free Community Resources Guidance

Affording the financial costs of having and raising a baby can be difficult for many women. That’s especially true when the pregnancy is unplanned. Thankfully, there are many community groups and government agencies available to help you get the goods and services you need. Sira’s client advocates can help you find the medical care, housing, education, counseling, food support and more, during your pregnancy and beyond.


Sira’s free services are available to any woman, with no insurance required. You don’t need to be enrolled in any specific government program or a member of any particular religion, church or community group. We’re here to help one and all.

Getting Started

The first step is contacting us to schedule your free appointment for any of our services. Call us at 352-377-4947 or send us a message through our contact page. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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