I Think I’m Pregnant, Do I Need an Ultrasound?


The possibility you’re pregnant can kick start an emotional rollercoaster, as often conflicting feelings fight for your attention. And at the same time, you have to deal with the reality of what actual steps to take next. The first thing to do is confirm you’re pregnant, and an ultrasound plays an important role in that process.

Pregnancy Tests

You won’t just skip straight ahead to the ultrasound. Most women start with a home pregnancy test…or two…or even three. (Denial rarely makes it past the third one.) If those come up positive, it’s time to take things to the next level – a medical pregnancy test performed by a healthcare professional. These tests are most accurate when performed after a missed period or 10 days after possible conception, and will help verify the results of the tests you took at home.

A positive medical pregnancy test means you’re almost certainly pregnant, but the only way to be 100% sure is to then have an ultrasound.

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

A limited obstetrical ultrasound allows a medical professional to actually see if there is a baby growing inside of you. In addition to confirming the results of your previous pregnancy tests, an ultrasound can determine if there is cardiac activity in the baby and even estimate your baby’s due date. Another important function of a limited obstetrical ultrasound is ruling out the risk of an ectopic pregnancy, which could otherwise require immediate medical attention.

The Ultrasound Experience

Even if you’ve never had an ultrasound, you’ve probably seen them on TV or movies. You’ll lean back and relax on a table with your shirt pulled up slightly to reveal your belly. A nurse or technician will then apply a goopy gel on your stomach and press down lightly with an instrument called a transducer, moving it back and forth across the surface of your skin, providing a view inside your reproductive organs. You’ll be able to watch along on a monitor. Many women cherish this moment as the first time they saw their baby. And the whole thing is totally painless.

At Sira, we offer free limited obstetrical ultrasounds following any positive medical pregnancy test results for our patients. All you have to do to get your free medical pregnancy test is schedule an appointment. Contact Sira today.

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