Client Advocates

Many medical centers have learned that having trained patient advocates can be extremely helpful as they work with patients to resolve any concerns about their health care experience. Patient advocates listen to any questions and address any problems or special needs you may have and pass along any concerns to the appropriate staff.

At Sira, we have implemented a similar model with our client advocates. From the moment a client enters our office, a client advocate is available to assist. Whether that is by helping him or her fill out the paperwork, explaining our services or processing the medical information, the client advocate is there to help. They will walk alongside clients through the process, answering questions related to a pregnancy and helping the client figure out their pregnancy plans and how those plans will affect him or her.

Sira’s client advocates support our clients beyond our services, looking at what community resources are available for that person’s specific situation and helping the client to communicate with key people in their life about the plans they’ve made. Client advocates will not direct a client’s decision but serve as a sounding board to help the client process.

Our trained, friendly, client advocates ensure our clients will not have to walk alone through whatever life has thrown at them. Even if the pregnancy was unexpected or the financial situation has changed which may include resources that our client was counting on, Sira’s client advocates can help. Our goal is to figure out the biggest obstacles and to help our clients find the path around them, to look at all the options and realize the possibilities.

young woman talking with client advocate

woman and man holding hands over pregnant belly

performing pregnancy confirmation ultrasound

young woman receiving pregnancy options counseling

woman receiving sti test results