Unplanned Pregnancy Advice from Pregnancy Counselors

pregnancy counselor talking with client

Pregnancy counselors serve many roles for women dealing with unplanned pregnancies – educator, advisor, comforter, advocate, friend. Often, these counselors have been down the same road themselves, so they can truly empathize with the women they assist.

At Sira in Gainesville, our pregnancy counselors help their clients explore all the pregnancy options available to them. They help them weigh the pros and cons of each and then make a choice that’s best for them and their babies.

Our counselors also provide clear, helpful information about everything from the keys to maintaining a healthy pregnancy to fetal development to talking with others about your pregnancy. They can even help connect women with resources, including doctors, the Health Department, Medicaid and adoption agencies, if needed.

While this practical guidance and assistance are incredibly valuable, often the greatest gifts our counselors provide are in the form of compassionate listening and inspirational encouragement. Which, in a turbulent time, are what’s truly needed most.

When asked for their best advice for women dealing with unplanned pregnancies, here’s what some of the pregnancy counselors at Sira offered…

“You have the ability and honor of choosing what to do next. You are worthy of victory and you will get there. And it will get easier. At Sira, we believe you have the ability to succeed in all you do. Hope is built from challenge. As is resilience. And growth. And strength. And life. We are here to support you and your family and ready and willing to walk with you, if you’d like. We care about your mental, emotional, physical and relational wellbeing. You are loved, valued, have a purpose, are worthy and are never alone. The struggles are real, but so is hope. Never stop hoping.”
– Sarah T.

“It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, to think, ‘I set goals for myself, which didn’t include having a baby right now.’ But those goals can still become a reality. You just have to find the right path. Don’t rush into a decision. Look into all your options. Talk to people with experience and pray to find peace and guidance.”
Ann F.

“No matter what the circumstances are around you, that never changes the fact that there is a little human life growing inside. Seek out women and men that have experienced unplanned pregnancies and ask if they regret bringing that precious life into the world. Yes, your life will be different, but you can do this!”
Patricia G.

“An unplanned pregnancy can rock your world. It’s natural to feel fearful and anxious. When we are in despair, we need hope. You are not alone.”
– Kim Z.

At Sira, we believe every woman deserves, “help for today and hope for tomorrow.” Our trained pregnancy counselors have helped hundreds of women explore their pregnancy options, connect with community resources and find the best path forward. And all of Sira’s services all free, even If you don’t have medical insurance.

For your free, confidential session with a pregnancy counselor, contact Sira today at 352-377-4947.

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