How to Find Affordable Pregnancy Care

woman talking with pregnancy options counselor

Many women worry about the financial costs associated with pregnancy and having a baby. And the prospect of these costs can indeed feel overwhelming, especially if you’re uninsured. Thankfully, affordable – yet still high-quality – pregnancy services are available, even to the uninsured, if you know where to find them.

Free Medical Pregnancy Testing

Medical pregnancy testing is a critical early step to confirm your pregnancy. A home pregnancy test result alone should not be taken at face value, as they can sometimes be inaccurate. Pregnancy testing conducted by a healthcare professional, followed by a pregnancy confirmation ultrasound exam, will let you know for certain whether you’re pregnant and if that pregnancy is viable.

If you’re uninsured, the costs for a medical pregnancy test and pregnancy confirmation ultrasound could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more.

In Gainesville, Sira provides free medical pregnancy testing and free pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds for any woman, with no insurance required. In fact, our clinic is community-funded, so all of our services are provided 100% free of charge.

Free Pregnancy Options Counseling

Once you know you’re pregnant, the real questions often begin. Many women, particularly those with financial instability, struggle to decide how to proceed with their pregnancy. They may even wonder if they’re truly capable of being a mother.

In times like this, it’s helpful to talk with a knowledgeable counselor who truly understands the pros and cons of all pregnancy options, and can provide valuable information and guidance.

While many generalized therapists may charge upwards of $200 per hour, the pregnancy options counselors at Sira in Gainesville provide their services free of charge. You can talk with them for as long as you need, share your feelings, ask questions, get advice and not pay a single penny.

Community Referrals

Of course, financial needs continue long after deciding how to proceed with a pregnancy. Many women need financial support to access necessary prenatal healthcare services, delivery services and child-raising services.

At Sira in Gainesville, we’ve built a network of community partners who help women get affordable access to numerous services. Some of these support services come from private organizations, while others are through government programs specifically designed to empower pregnant women and new mothers in need.

We work with our clients to refer them to the right mix of community support services to overcome any financial hurdles and allow them to provide a quality, safe and loving home for their babies.

If you believe you might be pregnant, or if you know you’re pregnant and you’re unsure what to do next, contact Sira in Gainesville to schedule an appointment today at 352-377-4947. Our compassionate healthcare professionals and counselors will gladly provide you the support you need, all 100% confidential and 100% free of charge.

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